New Year New You!!😇

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New Year New You

Well peeps it’s that time of year again! The time of year where we’re all sick from all the partying and too much food over Christmas, fed up of it all and stony broke! It’s during this time of year were we make ridiculous promises to ourselves that we’ll be the best we can be by getting up at 6:30 to work out everyday and live off one leaf of kale!! So let’s leave the ridiculousness aside this year and be a little bit more realistic. How about instead of being super hard on ourselves this year we do something nice for ourselves? Something that’s easy to do and will do us the world of good……. AND be super delicious?!


WELL HERE IT IS!!! For the month of January I’m going to be posting a recipe every second day for super healthy and tasty dinners. They’ll be cheap, quick and easy to make so there will be no excuses! And you’re gonna look and feel amazing so really it’s a win win!

I will post the first recipe on Monday the 11th of January and you will be able to look forward to:


  • Thai Red Curry
  • Basil Mash Pie
  • Butternut Mac & Cheese
  • Phad Thai
  • Beetroot Quinoa
  • Poached Eggs On Toast
  • Baked Beans On Toast
  • Pea And Mint Soup
  • Shepardless Pie
  • Corn And Kale Chowder
  • Spinach And Ricotta Lasagne
  • 6 Veg Bolognese
  • Courgettie Veganase
  • Detox Rice Salad
  • Buddha Bowl
  • Red Onion & Kale Pasta


If you want to get started before the 11th then I would recommend the following recipes as a good way to kick start the new year:

There’s loads more just have a look on my home page!


Also on the Wednesday the 20th of January I will be doing another cookery demo in Avoca Malahide the cost is €15 and it will be on for 2 hours. I would love to see you there if you can make it! If you want to book tickets just follow the link here:


So my lovelies, until next week, look after yourselves and get ready to have some fun! xxxxx



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