This was the first GREEN smoothie that I actually liked! I started the Kayla Itsines BBG workout and was absolutely terrified about what was to come, so I made myself a nice smoothie for some pre-workout fuel and inspiration….. And wow was it amazing! (The smoothie not the work out, let’s not get carried away!) It has a lovely tropical taste and is a great gateway smoothie to green smoothies.

tropical green forest


3 Chunks Mango (1/4 of a mango)

3 Chunks Pineapple

1 Handful of Spinach

1/2 Banana

Water to cover (approx. 250ml) you can use milk either, cashew milk works really well here!

2 Tbsp. Natural Organic Yoghurt

1/2 tsp. Local Honey

2 Tbsp. Organic Oats

5 drops Echinacea

1/4 tsp. Spirulina

You could put any type of fruit in here, I used mango and pineapple, as that was what I had to hand, but you could easily substitute for pear, peach or berries. I use local honey as I have hay fever and this is supposed to help! So feel free to omit.

Simply put all of the above into a blender (I use a Nutri bullet) and blend to perfection! Yum! Enjoy 🙂

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