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Apologies for the delay with this one! Good things take time and unfortunately this was one of those things! but I rather it be late and amazing rather than on time and half hearted. Ok are you ready for it now……… here we have it….. OAT MILK!! Wooohooooo the cheapest milk you can make with minimal effort and of course it tastes fantastic! It’s soft, subtle, sweet and creamy.

Oat milk has become kind of big thing in Sweden these days. It would seem that every good coffee shop worth its name is serving up oat Lattes and Cappuccinos. Why you may ask? Well it’s not just because its super cheap to make, well I’m sure that is a part of the reason, but no, the real reason is because it is so damn creamy and delicious in coffee! Sweet baby Jesus it is divine!! And that’s coming from a true coffee addict! That’s right folks, you can forget Almond milk and Soya milk and whatever milk you fancy, it’s time to move over and make room for the real star of the show… it’s Oat milk time!

Shall we dive straight in to the nutritional facts? Don’t mind if I do… well it just so happens that Oat milk contains nearly the same amount of the goodness that regular Oats do (excellent source of manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus as well as copper, biotin, vitamin B1, magnesium, dietary fiber, chromium, zinc, and protein to name but a few). The average cup of Oat milk will contain about 4g of protein yep that’s right protein! No wonder it foams so well! And another fun fact is that Oat milk is also completely void of cholesterol and saturated fats. WIIIINNNING!!!! PS also a great alternative for anyone that is allergic to nuts!


1 Cup Organic Oats (use gluten free oats if you cant tolerate gluten)

3 Cups Filtered water


Optional extras:

Dates, cinnamon, cacao powder, vanilla (you get the idea!)

First put one cup of oats into a container and pour 3 cups of water over and leave to soak. The longer you leave them to soak the creamier they are but as always it’s up to you! I would give them a minimum soaking time of 20 minutes and a maximum soaking time of over night (12 hours).

Once soaked pour the Oats into a strainer and wash three- four times with fresh water. I can’t tell you how important this step is, if the Oats are not washed and drained properly you will have really gross slimy milk and trust me when I say that no body wants that!
Okay so once your Oats have been thoroughly washed (the water should run clear) place your Oats into a blender with 3 fresh cups of filtered water if you’re adding any extras add them now, but I personally like it plain! Blend on a high speed for approx. 1 minute until you have a beautiful white creamy liquid with no Oats left.

  All that’s left to do is strain it! Over a bowl, pour your Oat milk into a nut milk bag, muslin cloth or even a linen napkin! And then squeeze to your hearts content until all of the milk has gathered in the bowl.
Stand back and admire, yep you did that! Go on you good thing!

*Just a quick note: this milk will last for 3-4 days in the fridge in an air tight container and will need a good shake every time you want to use it! Also if you want it thicker use less water and if you want it thinner just add an extra cup of water.


Until next week my lovelies! xxxxxx



    • Hi Gillian,
      Great question, the nutritional content would be slightly different as the oats would be significantly watered down with most of the fibre removed. To give you an approximate value of a 100ml (1/4 of a cup) of oat milk would contain around:
      Energy 150 kJ/35 kcal
      Fat 0.5 g
      of which saturated 0.1 g
      Carbohydrates 6.5 g
      of which sugars 4 g
      Fiber 0.8 g
      Protein 1 g
      Salt 0.1 g
      Again that is approximated, but just to give you an idea. I hope that helps! xxx


  1. The Oatly milk used in coffee shops can be steamed for lattes and cappuccinos because it contains fat in the form of canola oil, and other ingredients. Have you tried frothing this homemade oat milk? I will be so excited if it would because all of the oat milks I have made will not froth.

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    • Hi Ronda,
      Unfortunately this milk does not foam and it is for the exact reasons that you have said, as it doesn’t have any oil added it doesn’t work with a whisk or a nespresso frother. It has worked on occasion with steam however it doesn’t hold the foam for long. It still tastes great in tea and coffee however if its foam your after you’ll probably have to buy oat milk with additives.

      I hope this helps! xxx


  2. Tried it. Followed recipe exactly including all the rinsing, soaking overnight, 1 minute in high speed blender and did not have any oats left. Poured through nut bag and there was barely any residue. Certainly not as much as shown above. It was thick but not slimy. Sad to say it would not froth with a whisk or nespresso milk frother. May be able to steam it but I don’t have that capability at my home.


    • Hi Ronda,
      Thats odd? anytime I make it there is always quite a large amount of residue left in the nut milk bag? Perhaps its the oats you are using? Are they rolled oats? it could also be the nut milk bag, if the mesh is not fine enough it would explain why there was not much residue left. none the less I hope you are enjoying it! I use it for everything!


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