Yep, that’s right HEALTHY NUT BUTTER CUPS!!!!! Life just got a little bit sweeter. For all the lovers of reese’s peanut butter cups out there this one is for you! They taste just as good but they are sooooo much better for you AND you can make whatever flavour you want! You can make peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter, pistachio butter or just plain chocolate the choice is yours! Come on Willy Wonka!!

So lets get down to the nitty gritty, what makes them good for you? Well, do you remember my Raw Chocolate recipe that is supercharged with Superfood plant goodness? including beta-carotene, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium, protein and healthy fats!!!! Well the Nut Butter is also supper high in vitamin E which is really great for healthy skin, hair and nails and lucuma powder is a great source of potassium, Iron and Zinc. So basically together you have a superfood anti-aging powerhouse that tastes like a peanut butter cup….. I mean do you really need anymore reasons? 😇

Nut Butter Cup 3

Makes 12 muffin size chocolate cups


1 Batch of my Basic Raw Chocolate or 1½ Cups 70% Chocolate
½ Cup Nut Butter for example: my triple nut butter, almond, cashew, pecan, hazelnut…)
1 Tbsp. Honey or Maple syrup
1 Tbsp. Lucuma powder (maca or cacao powder can be substituted)
Sea Salt to taste
Ok lads, prepare to get messy……. 😛 In a glass bowl over a pot of simmering water (Or in a microwave) melt the chocolate.

Nut Butter Cups 2

Next grab some silicone muffin cases (I got mine in Lidl) and spoon in enough chocolate to cover the base of each case, then pop in the fridge to set. Get INNNNN!!!

Whilst waiting for your chocolate bases to set, mix the nut butter, honey & lucuma powder in a bowl with a sprinkling of sea salt according to your own delightful taste buds.

Nut Butter Cups

Once the bases are set (About 15 mins) roll a little of the nut butter mixture into a little ball and squidge it into the center of each base so that it makes a flat circle.

Last but not least spoon the remaining amount of chocolate over the nut butter filling with your spectacular spooning technique. Pop in the fridge to set ( or freezer if you’re impatient like me) once set……….DEVOUR!!!!!😝

Nut Butter Cups 1

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