healthy browniesIts ok! CALM DOWN I know exactly how you feel, I went through all the stages too, Denial (there’s no way brownies can be healthy) Anger (where have they been all my life! I’ve waited years for something like this!!) Acceptance (everything is going to be fine now because we have healthy brownies) to Happiness (wooohoooooo I’m having a brownie party and everyone is invited!!)

The first time I made these brownies I took them out of the oven and had to walk away for a minute. I was nervous/excited because they looked pretty damn good but so had the ones I had made with sweet potato and the ones with courgette and so on and none of them tasted great! Needless to say when I ate these I went through the emotions above! So now my lovelies here you have it! Healthy brownies that taste like the real thing! 😛

INGREDIENTS:healhty brownie mix

1 Batch of the RAW CHOCOLATE recipe

1 Cup Ground almonds

1 (level) tsp. Baking powder

4 Eggs

And that is it! They are Dairy Free, Gluten Free & Refined Sugar Free (woohooo!) 😇

Mix the eggs into the raw chocolate then add the ground almonds and baking powder, stir to your hearts content, then pour the mix into a greaseproof lined dish.

Bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees celsius, expect the middle to have a bit of a wibble to it (that’s how you know that the brownies will be fudge on the inside)

Now this is the hardest part of this recipe but a very important one! You MUST leave the brownies to cool. I know how cruel but trust me they are worth the wait as they get better as they cool.

Ta Ta for now and enjoy my chocolate loving friends! ☺️

healthy brownie

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