My Top 10 Healthy Dinners for Feb πŸ˜›

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Howdy all!

Apologies for the lack of recipes, I’ve been finding it hard to get a rhythm with my new job and making time to take photos for the blog in natural light ( the only way I take photos!) so in that regard it has been a dry January but I think I have it sorted now.πŸ€—

So I thought I would kick this off with my top 10 favourite healthy dinners to make February a tastier month!πŸ‘πŸ»


1.Super Green Soup 🍡


2. Butternut Mac and CheeseΒ πŸ§€Β 

Butternut Mac & Cheese 5

3. Thai Red Curry 🌢

Thai red curry 1

4. Kale & Corn Chowder🌽

Kale and Corn Chowder 3

5. Butternut Squash Risotto🍚


6. Pavo Toast🍳πŸ₯‘

pavo toast 4

7. Kale & Goats Cheese Pasta🌱


8. Seven Veg Bolognese🍝


9. Dynamite Detox SaladπŸ’₯


10.Superfood SaladπŸ₯—

Superfood Salad 3

Enjoy My Darlings! xxx

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