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These beauty’s are a regular in our household. I honestly make them nearly ever second week. Fabulous Flapjacks 👏 and my Banana Bread are two of the only things my fiancé ever asks for on a regular basis. They are super duper easy to make, healthy, fun and most importantly absolutely feckin delicious! They make a great brekkie on the go and are the best snack to have with a cup of coffee or tea! I dare you to find someone that doesn’t like them.

So lets get down to the good stuff. These Fancy fingers are theming with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals as well as good fats and fibre. WIIINNNNIIINNNGGG!!!! 👍


 Makes approx. 16 squares


2 Cups Oats

1 Cup Ground Almonds

1 Cup Raisins /Cranberries/ Golden Sultana Mix (I Buy Mine In Lidl)

1 Cup Sunflower Seeds

1 Cup Pumpkinseeds

1 Cup Walnuts

1 Tsp. Sea Salt Flakes or 1 Small Tsp. Salt

¾ Cup Coconut Oil

½ Cup Honey Or Maple Syrup


Optional extras:

Goji berries, raw cacao nibs, apricots, use your imagination! ✨



First rule of fight club………… Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


Pop all of the dried fruit into a bowl and cover with boiling water and an earl grey teabag if you have one! If you don’t just use boiling water! The reason we are doing this is not because I have gone mad but because when the fruit is soaked it stops it from burning when its been baked in the oven. See, I told you! 😛


 So whilst we await the beloved fruit❤️ which should be left in the water for approx. 5 mins, pop all the remaining dry ingredients into a large bowl and set aside.


 Next pop the coconut oil and honey or maple syrup (whichever you’re using into a pot and melt the two together until bubbling. Once bubbling, add the salt. Mix well and then pour over the dry ingredients.

Ok nearly there. Drain the soaking fruit and add it to the mix! Stir well and then grab a parchment-lined tin. Smoosh the mixture into the tin, squidging it down until it’s flat and beautiful!


  Pop it into the oven for approx. 20 mins. Remove once golden and glorious! While the mixture is still hot push the mixture down again into the tray. I find it easiest to use a glass or a jar for this! 

 Try and let it cool completely  so that it will firm up If you can, otherwise it will fall apart but as always it’s up to you! Enjoy! xxx






    • Hi Julie, That can happen sometimes was it maple syrup that you used?! I find the best way to keep it all together is to really push the mixture down before it goes in the oven as well as after and then to let it completely cool before you slice it! However they do tend to crumble quite a bit in anyway but I usual use the crumbly bits as a granola which is super tasty! The only other thing you could do is to try putting it back In the oven and see how that goes?! A few people have said there is too much salt so I will reduce the amount in the recipe. Thanks so much for the feedback! Xxxx


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