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To say that I love dates would be an understatement! And no, I’m not talking about the kind you go on, with someone you fancy, they’re great too but I’m talking about the fruit, date. Not the kind that you buy in a packet that are so rock hard they need to be soaked in boiling water before they’re used (They’re great too but not for what I need them for!) oh no my lovelies, let me introduce you to the Medjool date, king of the date world and bringer of amazing caramelly sweetness! Once you have met this handsome hunk no other date will do! 😍


 So this recipe that I’m bringing to you today was dreamt up for my sister actually! She’s just had her first little baba, I’M AN AUNTY!!! 😍😍😍👏👏👏😘✨Ehmmm, back to business, sorry. Anyway as she has now entered the land of sleepless days and night feeds I’ve been trying to supply her with as much plant based goodness to give her energy and keep her healthy and happy! So obviously besides soups and meals I wanted to give her some nice treats to get her through the nights when she’s craving something sweet and that’s how this little gem was born. I had made her a slab of my anti-aging power bites that had gone down a treat, so I went to make her another batch and realised I only had 6 dates left! Shocker, I know! So instead I came up with these! They are soooooo unbelievably good, honestly, I can’t actually tell you how unreal they are you just have to try them! They were so good in fact that they were eaten before I could take photos of them so I had to pop up to The Happy Pear boys in Greystones to get more dates! Genuinely one of my favourite places, if you haven’t been then you need to go!



Medjool Dates

Nut Butter (Any Kind At All, I Used My Triple Nut Butter Here)

Dark Chocolate Or Raw Chocolate


This actually couldn’t be easier but oh holly molly is it good!😱


Slice open one of the side of the dates and remove the stone. Next spoon the nut butter in and close gently. Pop them in the freezer for about and hour. If you don’t have time then just dunk them straight into the chocolate but its so much easier if they’re frozen as it stops the nut butter from going everywhere!


 Once the dates are frozen melt your chocolate and dunk them until they are 110% coated with the chocolate. You can then decorate them in what ever fashion you like, for example coconut flakes are nice, goji berries, bee pollen, go wild! I personally just like them plain with a pinch of sea salt, but hey that’s me!


 Enjoy my lovelies!!! xxxx

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